Sunday, July 23, 2006

Begin Again

Well, since everyone else in the world was thrusting their opinions and (only rarely) erudition upon the masses, I felt I'd might as well join them.

You'll be wondering who I am and just what in the hell this will all be about. Hell if I know, frankly. But this is the thrust of the moment:
About to marry a TX Trooper
About to move across the country with said trooper
About to change jobs during the move to TX
Packing the whole shebang alone
Arranging the whole shebang alone

That about sums up the goings on here. Here? Well, Atlanta is close enough a descriptor. Where to? That's the problem - see, TX DPS won't tell you where until about a month before you have to be there. You put in your preferred cities and hope like hell it doesn't turn out to be the Permian. What's on our side? His almost 2 decades of experience, his top 10 level in the class, and his ability to meet people useful to his future.

And, of course, the wedding...the wedding when one hasn't the proper funds, location or attire. Do you know the pressure on a woman for this solemn event? She must not only manage to arrange the thing in a seamless and lovely fashion but her own fashion must be lovely. And in today's dollars, that can be upward of $1k. So...this shall be the least fashionable event ever known. Indeed, it shall be the most frugal of events. Is it wrong, Miss Manners, to offer bread and water at a reception? Oh, you think I jest. Sigh...well, only time will tell. At this point finding a location would be nice...

And my job? Oh, yes...asking your company to custom-make a role for you so that you don't have to commute from the Permian is quite the task. I may have done it but I am still not certain. And if they prefer to wave goodbye to creating the role? Oh, now that shall be an interesting problem...but I declare I shall not worry about it until I need to. In, say, 4 weeks.

And of the man? Ah, what to say of him? Of men, in general?

I will say this - I have known many in my life, biblically and otherwise. The wise older men, the flighty younger men, the duty-bound and the maniacal. There was a time...god, there was a time when I was enchanting. I think back now and wonder why I didn't put it to better use but it was that damned integrity getting in the way. And, the years fall harder - that consistent age-defying youthfulness fading into that withering - gentle perhaps but present naytheless.

A woman often hasn't accomplishments to support her older years. She is generally given to caring for others, even in her work, and only when that dewy beauty begins to fade does she remember Herself. And then it is a game of catch-up with this unguent and that maquillage. And sometimes, in the bedroom, the games played to pretend the years haven't passed. But there comes a time when the cheerleader outfit is...a mockery. Then...what then? I don't like to think on it.

I do remember the days when I used to write constantly, every night in some slim volume, every day in a more ethereal format. And now, again, to begin, again, and see what can be made of it. There are stories inside...true and otherwise...that would surprise must also be circumspect in this, the greatest of all audiences.

Besides, enough about me. Let's see if we can link to the prose and ramblings of others whom I enjoy. I warn you that it will be diverse (though I hate the word, now) and sometimes offensive. You always have - and should retain - the right to fuck off. (I love that word.)


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