Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What a difference...

...a month makes...

Okay, so it's not as lyrical as the original. So, here I am in our new home in TX, typing away on the laptop I received with which to work from home. It has been quite the banner day - my first day as a spoiled rotten work from home type (though said spoilment is only two days/week) and his as a Trooper.

We spent the first part of the morning trying to get the laptop to talk to the office (the solution being far too embarrassingly simple to relate to you, gentle reader) and the latter part of the day getting him ready for his first night out.

I've photographed nearly all of the process and hope to make a nice album and scrapbook. It has been quite the journey and today was the culmination - an arrival bracketed with his departure. Of course, he's got the FTO for about 6 months so he won't have his own car nor drive the FTO's for some time. Still, it's done. Now, I get to run out for assorted things since I am officially off the clock. And, soon, I shall sleep. For I am exhausted.

The details of the actual move remain relatively hazy in my mind. There was not enough time to do any of the work that needed doing so we wound up having to remain an extra day in town just to finish. Then, a very long trek...the very end of the road trip required that I drive while just barely awake - a thing of horror for me to even recall. I would never do something so foolish but it was 3am with no one else but he and I, following the broad rear of his vehicle, just 10 minutes from home. Of course, a trooper pulled in behind me and I saw two heads which made me think that maybe I was wrong. But I was not. Thankfully, they were also tired and merely took the turn off as soon as they could, leaving us to the last 4 miles alone.

Of course, I hadn't packed the "overnight" gear so we slept in our clothes on the floor and didn't care at all. The cats, too, must have slept for ages once they were released to the relative peace of the "safe room".

I wonder, now, at how we managed it. He has taken so much abuse over the last few weeks as my last energy and nerves were depleted. I was trying to not make it personal, to couch the anger and frustration in terms that related their basis but at times there were nothing but tears to give voice to that exhaustion. I suppose he found in himself a strength to deal with all the same stresses as well as my own nonsense without retort or recrimination. He truly is that much of a man - and I could not do this without him.

So it was I watched with deep pride and happy tears as he tossed his gear in the trunk of the car and hopped into the passenger seat, on the way to his destiny. And someday...someday, it will be in his own car and it will be the badge of a Ranger on his pocket. We know this. We believe this.

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