Sunday, April 29, 2007


Well, I've been in a foul humor all day and now that it is night, I shall hide within some lovely scenery and dialogue and pretend that I am bantering with Mr. Darcy.

I've no excuse and wish I did - the closing is moved to Monday so there's nothing to be done. The cats are all fine and behaving. Chores are getting done. So why all the `tude?

I think I shall blame hormones - I tell you I never really had bad PMS in the past but now? I wonder. I need to keep track of this utterly nasty behavior and see if it follows that curve. Right now, I can see why men go on about it. I've been just wretched. But to my credit, I've really tried to not foist it off on him...

Add in these last days of night shift...oh, how I hate them. In the beginning, they're alright. You kind of enjoy the hours and relax. But at the end you just want them home. You want someone in bed with you, someone to talk to. So perhaps that is a contributing factor.

Or it could be Ohio sneaking up on my ass. I wanted...well, I wanted time alone with her truth, I knew she wasn't there. And all the pitiful tears wouldn't change that so it'd have just been...maudlin. And we had a lunch to get to...did I mention how we could not find the cemetery? Her town, home town, is all of 10 square miles. And yet, we were driving in circles. After, I said aloud that I bet mom was having a terrific laugh at our wandering around - we can navigate Atlanta, Chicago, and Austin but put us in that tiny place and we couldn't find her. Ah, she must have been having fun at that.

So, let's hope for a better day tomorrow. Work will distract me and there's the lovely Mr. Darcy and pretty Elizabeth to distract, no? And that scene...the view from on high...I need a promontory from which to see my life. Would that there was one...

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