Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Kitchen Sink

As's all here, folks. An assortment of thoughts rumbling about this morning. It's been an early one, too. So...where to start? Something pleasant...

We had the great pleasure of meeting Christina F2F this week. Trooper was very kind to drive and attend the somewhat girly event with me. He actually had a terrific time and was quite pleased with the company. He may have been influenced by the plethora of food presented to him, of course. There is no way to describe her sweetness nor the envy I had for the Diva In Training apron her little girl was wearing. I shall learn to sew and I shall have an apron for every mood! [shaking fist in the air] It's glorious country out there, too. So unlike where we shall be living...

LOL Yes, yes - the hunt is over and it's all done but for the signing. Oh, I'm petulant about a few things but I have come to consider it and decide that I am being a seriously selfish and unappreciative woman. So I had this list - a top 3 list of Not's - and not one of the three is avoided in this home. At first, I was just sour faced and fighting it. Unfair, I cried out inside. But then I ran my mind over the truth of it - it's better than anything I've ever had in that it's MINE - well, OURS - and that I have no right to be so demanding when this is the very best we could do. Mind you, we've not the ability to fund a mansion and we had a range within which we had to reside to abide by DPS' rules so the constraints were many and immovable.

Within those constraints we found something reasonably acceptable and with a good likelihood of paying off in the future. We know we won't stay there forever. It's likely a five year home. So that, too, has adjusted my thinking on the matter. Who knows where we'll be in that time - especially if he goes for Ranger. Those openings are few, after all.

And what else...the news...pfft. I am so sick of it all. Ticks - they remind me of ticks all sucking off the same dying dog. Imus? He used a vernacular that is heard daily on the commute, pounding bass lines accentuating the "urban" decay. They will call it racism but the real racism is in declaring that he is too white to be saying that sort of thing. They are words, people. Words. Whatever happened to the old "sticks and stones" concept?

Anyone want to discuss Feinstein's abrupt departure from the Senate Military Construction Appropriations Subcommittee? The profit her husband made from her voting record on military construction contracts? No? God, you can hear a pin drop, can't you?

How about the chatter on the net about where that anthrax came from back during 9/11? Anybody?

Oh, the list of topics is long today and I'm running out of time. But there's the start of it - the things percolating in my mind this morning. Now I think it's time to percolate some coffee. Damned early shift...

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Christina said...

Interesting assortment of randomness, m'dear.

; )

It was a pleasure to meet you both, very, very glad you were able to join us.

That apron is too cute, non?

Aprons are a great way to begin sewing!

Congrats on the house!