Thursday, April 19, 2007

Noah Tackles Land Warrior & TIA

This guy is one of my favorite reads. Sign up for his Yahoo group DangerRoom and see his articles a little sooner.

This one is interesting. "I went to Ft. Lewis last summer expecting the soldiers there to love their new wearable electronics package, called "Land Warrior." The reaction I got instead was... different, to say the least."

And then, of course, these guys had to do a wee bit of satire. Hilarious - better viewed with a beer or two prior.

But then he has this one which I was not aware of. "Texas Governor Rick Perry is "gathering massive amounts of information" into the "most exhaustive... database in state history." The system is supposed to be used to catch crooks and terrorists. But the database isn't being run by state law enforcement. ...even DPS [Texas' Department of Public Safety] is skittish about the direction the project has taken..."

Now, I am the first to admit that I am woefully behind on the local politics. It's not something I've had time for and likely will not for awhile. But, on the heels of that whole Duke issue, the thought of someone in that seat of power having such freedom of information - well, it stinks of "the Ozark Long March" as Billy calls it, doesn't it? And if the DPS is a tad worried you can trust me that there is a lot more to that story.

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