Monday, May 21, 2007

And You and I

Oh, my past flew up into view today as this randomness came strolling through.

I have seen Yes about a half dozen times. I've seen Sammy Hagar hanging in the rigging in a Superbowl of Rock show in Houston (and had him stay an extra hour on his own dime at another show just because none of us wanted to go home). I saw Frampton on his opening tour of the states from high - ahem - in the stands of Soldier Field, watching gallon jugs of water flying through the air as though they were balloons. A hundred of them...lord only knows what it felt like to have it land on your head.

Bob Seeger opened for him. Heh.

So many great shows through the years and yet the last one I went to...I couldn't say. Great Big Sea, I think it was. And I was much too old to do that pogo stick dance they were all having a ball with. I wonder if the days of the massive rock shows are over, really. The music today isn't...well, can it be replicated outside of a studio? Sure, they can make it look good but...Wakeman and Co? Artists.

Anyway, I've no idea where it came from but I just thought I'd mention it. Now that I've unpacked the CDs (yes, all 300 of them) and re-alpha'd them (yes, I packed them in a rush and screwed it up) I can maybe find something nice to listen to while I try to make sense of this new office space. A little Trower, perhaps? Heh, yeah...artists...

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