Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Done Deal

Yes, he has done it. He (and I in July) is a homeowner.

All credit goes to my insane sister - she is like a rottweiler in the deal room. Each number was perused and one escalated to the VP of the builder because it truly was not ours to pay and the sales twit hemmed and hawed about it. She may be a pain in the ass in some regards but in this she was our Wonder Woman. Without the outfit. Though for all I know she has a lasso o' truth at home.

Now the fun begins! Packing - again - and moving. List upon list of to-do's to get to-done. But it's almost over. Almost...

And all because he is such a good man. Folks, if you only knew from whence we came...LOL...Survivors is what we are. Winners, now, too. As I used to oft say in my youth, Fuckin' A!


Christina said...

F*ckin' A!!


LauraB said...

LOL Thanks, C! Oh, what an amazing amount of hooey to get done but I am trying to bask in the calm - for now.

Anonymous said...

Found you through my friend, ye olde Babboon Pirate's blog.

Great site, ma'am. Special thanks for Patton on Memorial Day. That was exactly right.

Sloop New Dawn
Galveston, TX