Monday, May 21, 2007

I'm Just A Bill

I submit this for your Monday thought processes:

"What we're talking about, ladies and gentlemen, is the nationalization of work, itself."

That's Billy pegging the nasty underbelly of this whole immigration bill issue before us now. Oh, one wants to believe that he's taking it far beyond what reality will bring but I doubt it very much. A national ID hasn't exactly been embraced since its first wee splash in - what? - 1996, I think. Bad enough the fingerprints on licenses (it was the only proof of true identity that couldn't be hacked - until they scanned them and turned them into 1's and 0's). They have to get it one way or another and this just happens to be a more surreptitious manner.

Anyway, just something to consider as you settle into your chair this morning. Get a cuppa and think about it. Think beyond the obvious and peek behind the curtain - the heavy, dark curtain - that envelopes this thing.

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