Sunday, May 20, 2007

Moved. Sorta.

Well, now - it was about 4 days without internet service and I hardly missed it. Yeah, right. But we're cookin' now!

What an insane week. We moved most of the stuff during the week over three days - and let me note right here that he did not let me help with most of the heavy stuff at all which is irksome. And he was working nights which means he is flat out exhausted.

We went to the PBR in San Antonio last night as a sort of reward and it was fantastic. There was one rider whose bull caught a horn in his chaps and nearly ripped them off - it did take off his vest! Not to mention stepping on the poor man a few times. What an amazing evening. Of course, we arrived home late so I tried to sleep in but for the cats...

And now, time to do some final loading - clothes and such - and then over the week some cleaning up there. I think we'll make our deadline of the 30th pretty easily. If we can just get stuff done. We're both so exhausted that we don't really even like the thought. LOL

Anyway, nuff said. Time to get a move on.

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