Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Texas Fete

What a day...I don't even know where to begin. More unpacking in the AM while Trooper slept, then we picked up a couple pieces of furniture that were reupholstered, and finally were on the road to Christina's for the Texas Memorial Day Fete.

Now, I had fine plans of getting a move on this morning and arriving with time to visit but the thing is this - Trooper simply will not be held to a timeframe on his off time. Now, if there was a definite deadline, he'd meet it but there is this contention we have about his off-time timeliness. I hate - and I mean fracking well HATE - being late. If I say I will be somewhere, I will strive to arrive 10 minutes early and drive around to arrive right on time.

Thing is - he'll give me an okey dokey on my tentative timeframe but is more lax when the actual time arrives. So I have to remember this and save us both the aggravation - me the irritation of not being somewhere when I say I will and he the irritation of me being all pouty in the corner. LOL Just another of those relationship things - admit it, accept it, move on.

So in the rush to get on the road, I forgot the damned beer we were going to bring along. Not that is was needed - jeez, let me just note here that C&Co are the most generous providers of vittals that ever was born. Cooler after cooler with refreshments, platter after bowl of snacks, and a really lovely sense of...what is it? Hospitality! That's the word. It's an old fashioned sort of thing but it envelopes you there.

These bacon wrapped dove rolls were immediately proferred and devoured. Just drop dead fantastic! And in a bit, the roast pig haunch that just begged to be devoured. Of course, we couldn't stay long since Trooper had duty calling at 5p. But we did some damage to the fantastic kahlua cake and the perfect fruit tart. I've never had one so wonderfully delicious. Blackberries as big as your thumb! Mmmm...

OK, so yeah, it's all about the food. LOL But let's review the people we met - certainly not all of them because there were just too many and everyone was spread out. But here...(Susan, of course you were the usual joy - what a terrific gal she is!!) - dear God, I think I terrified the Bride with my initial greeting. Seriously, my apologies, m'dear. I have an awful sense of humor and it doesn't always go across as I intend. - suhweet. A gentleman. Trooper noted how kind it was for him to greet us in the drive as he left and we arrived. Very kind. - What a darling! You cracked us up, Missy! Good luck on your own new digs! The packing is easy - the unpacking is where you will slack. - you Mac people - I will not be assimilated! LOL A pleasure, Sir, to meet ya! - A sweetheart - the print is perfect, no? And next time try to get the better half to join! - The Maestro de Pork - thanks so much for all the labor that went into the feast. Trooper raved about those dove booby things. Fantastic! Hope we can have more time to chat next time.

And C? What can you say? The consummate hostess. Just an insanely genuine, kind, hyper-intelligent sweetheart of a gal. They broke the mold, dear heart.

Of course, thanks to my Trooper for hustling after very little sleep so that we could go and enjoy a bit of time with new friends today. He spoils me rotten, yes. But then I didn't come into this entirely fresh. See?

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Now, then - I have to refresh the blogroll, don't I? How do you guys keep up?! And don't forget - if you are ever in Austin and want to grab a bite, just drop a line.


Christina said...

Hey Doll!

You and the handsome Trooper all always welcome.

Love the new boots!

Please come again soon!

zonker said...

It was a pleasure to meet both of you. My only regret was that I didn't get a chance to spend more time talking with you folks. Give me a holler if you're in the ATL area sometime.

Lolly said...

Very much enjoyed meeting you and your trooper. And wish you could have stayed longer, too.

Did you call my husband my better half? LOL

Dash said...

Glad you two could make it. It was great to finally meet you both. Next time you'll have to stay longer so we can chat.

Richmond said...

Meeting you both was such a pleasure!!! :-) I do so hope I have the chance to see you both again soon!

Oddybobo said...

It was lovely meeting you! I was sorry to see you have to leave so soon.