Friday, June 08, 2007

Connections and Forgetting

I used to love that British program, Connections, wherein seemingly disparate bits of history are shown to be "connected". My mind has always worked that way - if this, how does it impact that...which is why my decision making is slow.

But using that sort of thinking with regard to the world today can lead one to disappointment. Here - try this:
Border Control problems >>> Silvestre Reyes, Congressman (D) of TX >>> Chairman of Permanent Select Committe on Intelligence >>> past Chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus

My take on this is that the man has access to some very discrete information. He has former Border Control contacts. His allegiance via prior organizational involvement does not appear to be that of America but to that of his "race".

Or maybe this: Polish Army in Iraq >>> CIA Terrorist Prisons in Poland >>> American Missle shield base in Poland >>> Putin flexes muscles with intercontinental missile tests

So the Polish Army stood by us in Iraq and were willing to let us put prisons there in order to do what we need to do to win a war. We thank them by using their people and materials to build a nice base there. We also move a piece on the chess board to address the Russian missile situation. And maybe the North Korean one, too.

And that is why I am always so deliberate in my thinking. So many connections...

What I heard nothing about in the news yesterday was the anniversary of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy. Do we all really care whether or not some spoiled drunken tart's family buys her way out of a too-short jail sentence? (Personally, I think she should be forced to visit the family of children killed by drunk drivers and listen to their stories, instead.) Is that the most important thing we can consider during this time?

Just think - 63 years ago men were watching the dawn light break and wondering what they hell they'd just done. They were crying and screaming, angry and terrified, stoic and humiliated. Every experience a human being can know was encountered there. And women were trying to carry on with trembling limbs and quivering smiles.

Even now, not that far away from those bloody fields, men and women continue to carry on in wartime, doing their jobs. And people are still watching that disgusting flesh bag with blonde hair. But she has her deeper meaning and connection, too. Reflected in her is the whole of why what we've known for a few centuries will falter.

So let's try and forget those things we ought to put behind us and have in mind those people who deserve the honor. And let's think about those connections and what they can mean - beyond the headlines. Go past the spoon-fed snippet and look for the background before forming an opinion.

Because it's all critically important right now. We are losing the battle for this Republic on a daily, consistent basis and we have to do more than just click past it all.

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