Friday, June 22, 2007


That is what this day has become. Endless.

So no one else is really here and those who are here aren't doing much (except for Jason because he's the best and never slacks - though he is damnably fast at the "get the only custard doughnut first" race that we have Fri AM's). I've surfed, I've worked, I've tried to wheedle a seat on an earlier flight for my Main Man here at the office but nothing has made the time move along. So...I shall resort to this - blabbing about nothing to the enrichment of no one.

Do you know how hard it is to find nice blouses when your boobs are the equivalent of wearing a set of water wings on your chest? I have nearly surrendered. I resorted to consorting with those very strange creatures who deploy themselves under the heading "LDS". My gentle reader, they even offer "temple" underoos.'s a bodysuit with long sleeves. Because your barren flesh might offend the God that made the flesh - er - fleshy. We shall all be driven mad with lust at the sight of your...forearms! Verily, yes!

Sigh...the things human beings will conjure up to drive down their natural senses.

Anyway - blouses - so I have ordered this thing and if it doesn't fit or is ugly as hitting - um - God - I think I shall just give up. You know what I wanted? Oh, I knew I should have just paid some good tailor a fair sum to manage it for me...I wanted this - no, no - I coveted this:

Lovely, no? Instead, I have done what every woman knows is the most foolish thing in the world for an important event: I have gone with separates.

I can hear you cackling, you know.

Oh, sure. I have the perfect divine skirt. Yes! But if the above-referenced bit of fluff doesn't fit? Sca-rewed, people. And, to tell you the truth, it only serves me right for being so silly. I brought it on myself.

But I suppose there are other worries. We've the cake reception to care for still (hey - the whole process changed recently at the facility. How was I to know?), the dinner location to work out, and the final list of Goings On to issue to the attendees once I can get a dag blamed headcount. (What is wrong with people that they cannot follow clear instructions?) I am not panicking. Yet.

In other news, I worked out relatively hard yesterday and can feel it now - the squats echoing in the deep parts of my buns, the nose crushers in my tri's - and the push-ups! Yes, they're joining in, too. I absolutely ADORE the home gym that Trooper has made for us. It's fantastic. But he is so clear on what he will be doing while I just putter about. I used to be really good about it - I was very diligent and focused. I think I need to return to that again. Even if it does mean we cannot chit chat whilst working out. I have this thing - I have to feel what I am doing and sometimes that means closing my eyes and closing out the world. I can have great form if I get deeply focused.

Do you know what I wish I could have? (Assuming, of course, the boob job works out and all that...) It's a lot unrealistic considering my physique. LOL I know! But I mean the general ratio of things - the balance of it. I adore that perfection and while I might never know it, I do know that I can at least be my version thereof.
I was once...
So, that's my day. Between work, I've managed to update the blogmonster and distract myself from the boredom. Sure, there were more important things to say but I didn't want to be a brainiac. What I really wanted was to be at Whole Foods perusing produce. LOL I want to do nothing but mill about and be one of those lazy shoppers, just going store to store and having no pressure.
There's always tomorrow!!!

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