Saturday, June 16, 2007


Oh yeah, it's music again - this time, Heart, courtesy of DirecTV's special. They performed the whole Dreamboat Annie album and tossed in a couple others - I adore their Led Zeppelin covers!

But - I hope this comes out as the kind criticism it is - Ann is not what she once was. I know, I know - we're not to pick on the obese. But I cannot help it - she is buried in the flesh and her voice sounds like it. It once lilted and spun like those crazy scissortail flycatcher birds. You can see her straining to give it to the people - I don't mean to take that from her at all. I just can't help wishing she'd give it all back to us.

That was one of the first albums I bought - the very first was, of course, Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. But Heart came almost immediately after. It was a storybook unfolding rather than a scattershot of selections. And she sang in my key, damn it, which is always a pleasant thing when all of 13 years old and just aching to belong.

And then came Little Queen - I stared at the cover for hours, thinking of how, when I was older, I would dress that way and live in the woods with dark men. My God, the ways our minds work at that age. What was strange was that in about 3 years I would meet a woman who was identical in appearance to Ann and through that chance meeting turn my chaotic life into one of...surreal hazard. I cannot help but think of her when I hear the music and see those old album covers. Alike, we were - dark and light with knowing smirks and disdainful gestures.

So much time and landscape has moved since then. Loves and lives, homes and horrors...I look back more now, I think, because I am at that precipice of age and it's like the mountain, once summited, will prevent that look back - the past will be hidden behind it once crossed and I have to give it another glance.

I expect, too, that it's time to be looking forward. I am not a planner and not terribly good at goal setting. For me, the future hasn't been something...assured. So I never looked too far ahead. But I think it might be time, now. Time...

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