Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Time Flies

I'm supposed to be working today but all I can do is look around me and see the thousand things that I need to do before this house is presentable to company. And company is coming. In about 6 weeks. If I give it too much thought, I get a panicky sensation in my belly. So instead I look at bits and pieces and address them in a onesy-twosey fashion.

However, that isn't accomplishing much against the deluge that is this mess.

So I was thinking on the one-room-at-a-time concept. Maybe today I will get this office in shape. I was irked to find the Ikea file cabinet doesn't seem to accept either the legal or letter size hanging folders. I have no idea what is going on there but have decided to just stack stuff in there until I can get it figured out.

Then there is media storage. I am one entire bookshelf short which means I may have to relocate some books to Trooper's office for now. There are about 24 boxes of them. And then find a nice way to stow away all the office supplies. I've a large box full that has no home.

At least the kitchen is fairly squared away - just one more box there. Mostly recipes that have to be organized and bound. I know you'll find this hard to believe but we've still had no takers on our fine slab of Uba Tuba granite tabletop. LOL Thankfully, one of the local troopers helped him move the monstrosity to the garage. I was thinking about making it a table for the back deck if it doesn't sell. It could take the weather if we got a nice wrought iron base. Seriously, tho - make us an offer. LOL

We went out last night with a friend from academy and his new gal. Poor man is stationed in the middle of nowhere and in town for training. Now, I don't know this gal at all but I can tell you this - she'd make a rotten DPS wife. No interest in the academy stories they were telling, no prior knowledge of military/weaponry/strategy, and a decided lack of interest in anything that wasn't about her. I'm sure she makes the duty station a lot more tolerable but I sure hope he's not in it for the long run.

I saw mention of this group and it reinforced my own look on the immigration matter. I have my suspicions behind the sudden support of illegal immigration. It's a hard subject for me - I support the right of private business to hire and fire at will whomever they like. But before all that must come the security of the nation. We've enough internal threats to the republic - I don't think we ought to be importing more. Too, what does it say to those who are jumping through hoops to come here legally?

The only other way it works is to drop the borders all together and simply stop all labor laws - no minimum wage, no mandatory insurance benefits, and also no welfare - nada. The Free Market on steroids. It'd be interesting to see what would happen. But there is no middle ground possible.

So that's the mood for today - a little pensive, a lot tired, and trying to get a move on. The blogroll needs attention, too. Maybe I can knock that out right quick...

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