Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It's Done


Can I just say right here that I am utterly exhausted? It was a grand weekend but it took a toll on my sanity. I've no photos yet to offer but I can say this - he was the most handsome man I've ever seen in his new hat , tux and carefully pressed black jeans.

I was a mental wreck the morning of the wedding, having spent all day Friday running around trying to get everything done AND host an impromptu cookout for the family who had come to town. I cannot believe it all happened in the short time given. But it was grand to see all the family once again!

My bouquet skills were severely lacking - particularly since we got the flowers at the end of the day Friday and my mind utterly forgot the color scheme of pale blue and white. LOLOL Oh, my...I'd wanted/had in mind hydrangeas and maybe some stock and and such. That was not what I acquired. Hilarity ensued the next morning as I tried to separate things out and bind them after 4 hours sleep. I let them sleep a bit longer as I prep'd things.

Of course, Trooper took the scenic route to the site of the wedding so we arrived with less than 45 minutes to prepare. Thank goodness my family stepped up in a huge way and organized everything whilst I tried to hurry and dress, makeup and then abandon all attempts at hair dressing. They say I looked lovely. I say I was a humongous mess but I was smiling and polite.

The photographer was a DARLING and I cannot wait to see what develops, so to speak. LOL Oh, she was a sweetheart...I cannot even find words.

And then...everyone was "awfully assembled" and it was time. I met my wee flower girl and ring bearer and Dad was there, too, and I could see my handsome man on the hill, his hat tipped to greet me. And then it was time. We all managed to traverse the boggy ground and my dress was only slightly mired. LOLOL

We stood there, looking at each other and smiling. The judge was grinning and the whole thing was in motion like a locomotive so that I had no time for any of it but only to look at him and feel so much love. Of course, his voice was strong right up to the "...till death do us part..." portion and the cracking there put a tear in each and every eye, including my own. So, with tears rolling, I gave my own vows and it was done. He doffed his hat for the kiss and we laughed and laughed.

I hardly recall anything else because it was such a rush of faces and names and greetings. I was...just lost in it. I tossed the bouquet and too soon it was all over. Later, a few couples came to the house to sit and chat and it was so much fun that we all missed the rodeo and went for BBQ instead.

The brightest point is that my stepdaughter is in love with Austin-proper and wants to move here. Ah, youth...when one has no qualms about uprooting on a whim. LOL

So that's the short version. I am a Mrs., we've rings that we still turn to make comfortable on unfamiliar fingers, and the sense of dedication to each other is stronger than ever. Bless us, it's better than before...

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Walrilla said...

Congratulations! May y'all be blessed with many happy years and few sad moments!