Saturday, July 28, 2007

Just Can't

Er - maybe that should read Just Won't. I have a problem with using "can't" in place of "won't" in order to avoid responsibility for my actions - or lack thereof.

I've a house to clear of clutter (I liked Cherry's take on it wherein she states, "...home is in a state of readiness and expectation " and hope to emulate her) but I've no will for it. I have a workout to get done today and, surprise, no will for it, either. More laundry waits as does a shower but I've things to get done that I simply won't get to.

I spent some of the morning surfing the net, looking for some good images for the home gym - athleticism and such for inspiration - and hit some erotica that reminded me of an old friend and his images. They were awfully...derivative of my friend's I surfed his site for a time, recalling that era of my life. I used to do a lot of black and white photography, playing with the developing of the prints to get the view I liked in the shading I wanted. It's very interesting how a plain photo can be transformed with a bit of time and chemical. Of course, now people do it with software but I like the haphazard nature of the old way.

At any rate, it was a few hours of rehashing things in my mind and considering picking up the old camera again and getting back in the groove. I really don't care for digital as much and I cannot truly say why - now the cameras are quite competitive in terms of quality of lenses and resolution. But I like the utter sharpness and fine grain and color of slide film. Maybe I'll start anew, pulling out the old stuff and making a few prints from them. I used to be rather alright - not great, but 1 out of 30 would be pretty interesting, I think. Not a bad ratio.

I managed to get in a bit of cleaning and then stalled over a cup of coffee, reheated from the early morning pot. Trooper hit the road after an impromptu breakfast at the beloved Waffle House with an academy mate from El Paso and his wife. They're fun people with a similar sense of humor. It is always pleasant for me when my sometimes dry and misunderstood wit is appreciated. Honestly, I often say nothing out of fear that what is funny in my mind will come out completely wrong.

Oh - and I thought I'd toss in a snippet of wedding frou-frou until the photos come back. Just the flower girl basket I made (it's a bit worse for wear, now, but it was, I thought, pretty) and the ring pillow my pal made for me. I adore the lace and the cream and blue color scheme. Even the white and blue was nice. Sort of...heavenly.
Now, it's really time to go workout. Then to the grocery for a few things after a nice shower and relaxing time with my magazine - I fully intend to finish this issue of Romantic Homes, damn it. I love the magazine. LOVE. Alright, then. Let the torment begin.

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