Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Love and Loss

What a baffling world this is sometimes...just as we were picking up tuxes and flowers, a man was on the side of a road watching his life, his love, fade.

As people who see these things from a remote point, filling out the paperwork and measuring the marks delineating death, it gives a vantage that many do not have. You can be professional and efficient but later that night, you hug your family tighter because it's so clear that - as the gentleman notes so eloquently - "Cherish every smallest kiss, because you don’t ever, ever know which one will be the last."

Bless him - he has lost the most precious thing in his life.

Addendum: Billy has a lovely post on the topic but this really stood out.
"Every single day, when I saddled up, I would sit there and tell myself right out loud: 'Look around you. This could be it: right here and now; your very last hour on the planet.' "


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