Sunday, July 15, 2007

Okay, It's Official

The jitters have arrived.

I was doing SO WELL, too! Sigh...I guess it's to be expected. Heavens forfend it were a large event - I'd be a wreck. Of course, I'd probably be better prepared, too. Having a small event made me feel as though I could be more relaxed about the planning but such was not the case. I've most of it well in hand but I know that a few things will fall - I suppose the key is to make those the smallest of things and not worry.

I finished the flower girl's basket - not bad if I say so myself. Yes, I'll include a few photos post-ceremony. Don't want to jinx anything. My sister offered the helpful suggestion of some "Ganz" underpinnings. Meaning my fat ass needs to be girdled up in the dress. Sigh...what are sisters for? Sadly, the heat will absolutely prevent my doing so. My fleshy nature will prevail - I will be hot enough under the rig.

I think the bridemaids gifts very nice and relatively inexpensive. I made the HUGE mistake of picking up a bridal magazine for the makeup tips. Dear God - what these women are spending on their dresses alone could foot the bill easily for my whole event. And the rings...obviously, they are marrying for money. Alright, that's too catty. But I was simply astounded at the sheer numbers. And ever thankful I've enough sense to know I cannot go into debt for a few hours of ceremony.

I have all those crazy bride thoughts just now, too. I shall not go into them but suffice to say my nerves are nearly shattered. It's all going to be fine. I keep saying this like a mantra in my mind. And I am pretty sure it will be. I suppose the worst thing possible would be that no one showed up and I'd have a lot of cake to eat. Okay. I can live with that. LOL

Come on, Saturday...

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