Sunday, July 29, 2007

On The Cheap

After living the semi-high life during all wedding doing's, we've been careful to recover by being judicious with the groceries. No more eating out for a time - no, it's time to empty that freezer of all good things and actually cook as I used to.

Yesterday, it was a lovely steak and potato dinner - I'd had other plans for that steak but it would not have been near as tasty. Tonight it's pasta with homemade sauce and fresh made French bread with which to slather in garlic butter and broil so that the golden gleaming goodness just screams out "EAT ME NOW!".

It reminds me of my early bachelorette days. Goodness, how in the hell did I manage on almost half of my current salary? I had a tidy apartment, food enough, and bills paid. I even had cable. At any rate, ignore Trooper's commentary about there only being some bread, mustard and ancient ketchup in there. He's a big ol' liar. At any rate, I cooked like crazy all things from scratch because it was cheap. Chili? Check. Pasta Sauce? Check check. Soup? Bet your ass. I still do those things now and again but the recipes have changed into quickies - the reliable 30 minutes to table kind that allow you to get on with life. But I think I'll be looking at that - maybe I need to do more slow cooking again.

Is there anything as good as homemade vegetable soup with the scant meat from a ham hock giving it just the right amount of fat and marrow goodness? Or pinto beans with corn bread? Basic stuff that we lived on as children because feeding a family of five was not easy. I remember mom calling it "stone soup" as the meat bones rattled in the pot. Still, none of us went hungry. And to this day I can whip up nigh unto anything if the need arises.

Arises...damn, the bread. Alright - time to punch down, shape and rise again. Sometimes life is so damned good you don't even know it. Sitting there aching from a lawn mowing, thinking about how it hurts in those shoulders...hell, yeah. It hurts. Now, dunk that golden deliciousness into the sauce and tell me what hurts.

Life is good. We are blessed.

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