Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Show

It was such a fantastic 4-day for us. I was, as usual, spoiled rotten and got my way in nearly everything! Shooting, visiting the bro in Houston, even hauling ass back to Austin in time to head to Momo's because...

Del Castillo held a free show Sunday early eve for the fans. Unannounced except in a few areas online, it was attended only by those who loved the band. Including us. It was a packed house and the venue was new to us so we didn't know it would be a sweat fest. We managed to get a place house left which didn't let us see much of the brothers but did give us a good view of the rest of the band.

The show was just fantastic - very pleasant, relaxed and a strange vibe that I can only credit to the fact that everyone there was a sincere fan and friend. After, it was stop at our favorite Mexican restaurant and then finally home - it'd been a very long day.

If you ever have the chance to see these young men in person, I do hope you take advantage of the opportunity. Such an expressive show...I could kick myself for not bringing in the camera...

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