Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tech, Death & Other Beauty

Well, it's been quite the morning. As on every other morning, I walked into the office to download the latest email only to find the PC hung. And suddenly rebooting itself. I was patient, thinking it would load up and I could move on but no.

Right now, it's telling me how it can't find NTLDR. I researched the error. I put the files on a CD and loaded it but still No Joy. I suspect the HDD is a coaster, now, but I truly hope not. It's just out of my control and level of experience.

I have been consoling myself here with looking at the lovely bits and pieces. Just look at the draperies in Versailles. Can you imagine the women in rows completeing the intricate needlework? I like detail. I can get lost in it. It is also why so many of my photos are of the small and close-up. Either that or of incredible light. Like this early autumn morning light over Boulder.

I cannot tell you how much I love it there. When the car moves close enough to town that the Flat Irons come into view I have a sense of peace that is really profound. Move me further up that road into the Rockies and that peace is magnified. I wish I knew why. I know the only photos where I look even halfway decent are all from there. I can remember going there alone for the first time for my stepdaughter's college graduation and being so...well, it was frightening, I'll admit. I have a hard time being on my own. But it was also really nice to just get up early to watch the sun hit the spires from the park. And to walk through a very icy path to go higher into those spires. And the drums that rolled on the air from somewhere just far enough to prevent my seeing their source. Morning drums beating out a greeting to the sun and the voices carried only barely.

It was the next day, I think, that we went to Rocky Mtn Nat'l Park and snowshoed our way to a high lake, frozen over. We stopped at this view and it moved me deeply. There was something about that distant beauty that I could not fully understand - majesty, the insanely beautiful color and shape of the clouds overhead, perhaps the lessening oxygen was giving me a buzz. But I wanted to stand there forever in that cool air. I think it'd be fantastic to have my ashes left there someday. Yeah, yeah - it's a long time from now. But I cannot think of a better place.

If life allows you some time away this winter, give this place some thought. The beauty of it is beyond words.


Richmond said...

Oh how I miss the mountains... Lovely pictures.

LauraB said...

Thankee...the more I look at them, the more I know Trooper and I shall be making a trip this winter. And the more I know I better get this butt in shape first. LOL