Friday, August 17, 2007

Cold War Redeux

My, oh, my...those Rooskies have definitely been busy lately. This just in: "President Vladimir Putin placed strategic bombers back on long-range patrol for the first time since the Soviet breakup, sending a tough message to the United States on Friday hours after a major Russian military exercise with China."

Just last week? "'US forces detected two Russian TU-95 Bear aircraft on August 8 as they were flying south toward Guam," said Pentagon spokesman Chito Peppler. 'US forces were prepared to intercept the bombers, but they never came close enough to a navy ship or to Guam to warrant an air-to-air intercept.'"

And with their ever-increasing unhappiness with our presence anywhere nearby (recall those bases in Poland I mentioned not long ago), "International military experts say a missile found in the country of Georgia last week was dropped from a plane that flew from and returned to Russian airspace. The missile plummeted to a field near Tsitelubani and broke apart but did not explode or hurt anyone, The New York Times reported Friday. Experts from the United States, Sweden, Latvia and Lithuania said the missile was a 16-foot-long, Russian-made Kh-58 -- a rocket designed to destroy NATO radar stations."

I should like very much for you to consider this...dangerous liason between Russia and China when you consider shopping at Walmart.

While I assume the tete-a-tete they have will remain cordial, I like to think of them going at each other rather than joining forces against us. Because - you understand - we've not enough bullets for the Chinese cannon fodder. I really do hate to be so blunt in my language but one must understand these things clearly and without sweet. To go to war with them is to go unconventional. We would have little other choice. And that scares me more than nearly anything.

Consider Katrina and the level of imbecilic behavior there when food, water and shelter was a day's walk away - or less.

Imagine treble that many people with nothing within 4 days walk.

And in other related news - this linky was very interesting. I recall seeing it at some point or another as a child though I am not that old. I wish something akin to this was brought forth now. Because I think fully 65% of Americans haven't a clue the delicate balance that is being...trembled just now.

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