Sunday, August 12, 2007

Dream Shopping

I have this affinity for all Once upon a time, I could afford a bit of it but those days - well, they cost me more than I ever acquired so I don't really look at them as a good thing. But I cannot help thinking back to the days of luxurious excess when I didn't have to examine price tags with such scrutiny.

One place I always wanted to shop but never managed to was Gorsuch. Particularly their line of "Trachten" attire. It must be the old Germanic heritage in me. All I know is that I would love - love! - to look like this.
Sure, sure - it's not exactly appropos for the heat of TX and I suppose it might be a bit costumey but I adore it nonetheless. What I do not adore is the price. One has to think that a custom version would cost less.
I have a fondness for other things that are...very nice. Such as my Rigby and Peller underthings (I always thought their brand name sounded like rifle makers). Fine linens...the best incense...pretty things...and nice places to visit.
I've often thought that I must have known a really opulent life in the past because I definitely have a feel for it in this one. Now, if I could only garner the necessary funds to support it. LOL I think I shall have to either take up writing the Great American Novel or hire out as a dominatrix. What?! They make a lot of money...boy, wouldn't that make a great headline in the local paper...I think I shall have to find another way. Maybe write the Great American Dominatrix's Novel...hmmmm!
Now then, where is that man with my snackin'? He promised since he ditched me for dinner...


imp said...

*waves* Hi! Just found you via the Zonker. Read your entire front page, and I love you (in a non-threat kinda way :-))

I have bookmarked you and will be back to rummage in your archives. Don't worry, I shall leave my shoes at the door, and put everything back exactly as I found it, but if you see someone looking around in there for what seems like a long time...well, it's just me!

LauraB said...

'allo, Impish One! Welcome and definitely settle in. Glad to have new eyes gazing...hope I entertain!