Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Great Unwashed Fleecing the Unwitting

It's been insanely busy at work of late and I've hardly had time to think but I saw this little survey result and the comments therein just sent me over the edge. What you will see is a microcosm of the world today: a few people throwing pure logic at the matter, and a majority just declaring without a thought that your profits and the product of your labor is free for the claiming because it's all so "unfair" or the "right" thing to do.

Let us recall those years before welfare, and before people had the benefit of the largesse of the public. People either found a way to pay for their care, found a charity willing to aid them, or they went without the care and lived their lives as best they could. I don't think there is anything wrong with dealing with those options. But I feel like I am in a shrinking minority.

What baffles me further is that, regardless of the amassed evidence that the "European" style of health care is frought with failure, people still declare that it's working and fantastic even if it does take 40% of your income.

The only thing that will fix the health care cost issue is to force insured people to make educated choices about care - do I really need this or am I just doing it because my coverage will allow it with a nominal cost to me? - and to force people to pay more for non-emergency coverage. Care providers know, clearly, that there are deep pockets in the insurance company world. Once those pockets dwindle to cover only major care needs, the prices will adjust naturally.

You have no right to the fruits of others' labor. Not for any reason, ever. It comes down to that very basic point. And it matters not at all if that labor brought about copious fruit or not. Whether someone has a million or ten dollars - none of it, not a cent, is yours. Otherwise, it's just like pinching a twenty out of someones wallet at the checkout lane with a "Sorry but I've got a gyno appointment in the morning and this is your fair share!" Nonsense.

But the comments in the survey will illustrate...there's a lot of that going around.

Addendum: Having re-read this I see that I use the word "force" in the next to last paragraph which is entirely NOT what I had in mind. I am not certain how to word it in a way to indicate that the free market should dictate pricing and that insurance companies are middle-men who complicate the process. I do hate when my point gets made sense in my head. LOL

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