Monday, August 06, 2007

Hackers, Crackers and Skanky Reporters

Once upon a time, I was very...interested in the arena of technological...optimization. LOL (How's that for a euphemism?) So I am well aware of Defcon and Blackhat, 2600, Wired, and the like. I was very amused by this article and the one after via Wired.

So she wanted to out some undercover operatives and, as icing on her shit cake, maybe catch some hackers in a felonious act. What this twit (and many other non-geeks) don't understand is that it is this very event that educates the people that secure your data, your credit, and your nation.

There are a vast number of nasty little hobbitses that want to crash your system, hack your data, and ruin your credit - admitted. However, those sorts of people tend to not show their faces at events like this. Their "noob" `tudes are rather unappreciated. No, the people there tend to be the types that want to see if they can best the best. And, if they do, help them learn where the faults lie and how to fix them.

The fact that this reporter refused to be credentialed - and thus, held to the contractual obligations of media - is a sort of microcosm of the entirety of the field. It doesn't matter how the story is acquired. It doesn't matter if people are put in danger, framed, set up or otherwise less than truthfully portrayed. Did some poor fool actually marry this harridan? I do hope not.

There is a reason that we avoid the news at home. We turned on Fox News yesterday morning and I was constantly irritated at the leading statements and ridiculous assumptions coming forth. Horrid, insipid, and utterly without value. But it does explain a great deal...such as why people will shortly choose to vote themselves into servitude to the useless.

In a slightly related note, I caught a video by Korn this morning - Evolution. It had an underlying statement on "devolution". In the background were some "IQs have dropped in the last few decades...because high IQ people have on average 1.5 children while low IQ people have an average of 5 children...populations rising with no predators and advanced medical care..."

Of course, they took the opportunity to show a chimp and Bush performing the same thoughtful chin rubbing. Which immediately shuts me down. I may not agree 100% with Bush and his politics but I think we have to rise above and move beyond the sophmoric, simplistic bullshit. I'd far rather see something factual and indicting that one can argue for or against. But, sadly, that image is all that their fanbase can digest, it would seem.

But I think it is time to do some research myself because it is a topic of interest to me. I suspect and stated ages ago that the public education system was very directly and specifically dumbing down the populace and would be curious to see some real data...something to occupy my mind over the next few months...


zonker said...

Reminds me of the movie "Idiocracy"...

It's not a great movie but it has its moments and it certainly fits well with the "idiots out-breeding the intelligent" theme. Mind you, all we really need to fix that is some good, old-fashioned natural selection.

LauraB said...

I've been meaning to catch that movie as I suspect it isn't far from the truth at all.

With all our do-gooder BS we are ensuring that the proper work of natural selection never happens. No cost for failure or bad decisions.

It's one reason I hate the seat belt law. Hmph.