Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Kinkos & Molecular Engineering

Ah, yes - I remember hearing this bit of obscure tech a year or more ago and it appears to be making some headway.
Printing With Stem Cells

"Inkjets adopted for bioprinting essentially become celljets; each ink tank is replaced with one containing a single type of specialized cell, suspended in a solution that will gel under the appropriate conditions. Feed this printer an image where each color represents the location of the specialized cell types in an organ (blue for blood vessel components, red for muscle, etc.), and it will create what is essentially a thin slice through a healthy organ. Once the liquid in that slice gels, a second slice can be printed on top of it and the process can be repeated indefinitely, building a three-dimensional reconstruction of an organ."

About damned time, I say. Looks like Xerox might be a good stock to invest in long-term. Heh...

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