Saturday, September 01, 2007

Addictions and Predilictions

It's been a hectic week and I meant to get more done today but I was indulgent of my morning - some soft boiled eggs late in the morning and some magazine reading before heading out. I was off to meet Trooper for lunch and get an oil change. Afterward, I decided to wander Home Depot for landscaping ideas - it's nearly time to get started on the projects since the heat will wane in the next month or so.

I've some ideas in mind but in truth, I am new to this zone and the micro-zones of the plot so I've been really patient. You may not understand the depth of that statement. I once had a gazebo and 30 bush rose garden. And a giant pond. With long meandering trails and lighting. LOL I have waited years to take on another piece of land and small pots of favorites have hardly held my urges back. At any rate, though I was tempted to get some plants and basic materials, I decided not to. No, not yet - still too hot and we might as well do it ALL in one fell swoop - we've a drainage ditch to disguise and I mean to move the shrubbery from the front porch area and reuse them there, freeing up that porch area for my more favored plants.

We're talking sod cutters, folks. LOL No, I need to plan it - I've no with to be found wanting when we're covered in filth. Gardening is only one of my addictions. The other...Coffee.
Right now a pot is brewing and I cannot wait to dive into a cup. I have often secretly thought that a small part of me is Karen Dinesen. She is another of my heroes, damaged as she might have been in the end. Judith Thurman's book is a fantastic read and one of the most honest and accurate biographies. The woman some ways a genius and in others a petulant child. The movie was somewhat close but should have added more...her childhood and most certainly her teens were what formed the woman she became but they ignored it.
I spent much of this morning looking on Ebay for pre-war Japan items. Mostly ephemera. It is another interest of mine. I found a pretty pair of photos that will look nice somewhere in here - perhaps in what will become the reading nook. I hope to make that a bit of a nest where I can have all the girly stuff - a restrained and edited selection - around me.

In other news - my prediliction for all things culinary led me to this. Isn't it the most darling thing?! I can see it decorated in nearly any style...perhaps even rendered as the divine Coconut cupcake recipe from Barefoot Contessa. Oh, that would be to die for...

And just look at this: Can't you imagine that come autumn? How sweetly foolishly a fan of apples, this is actually something that I could see as being quite useful. But is it really one size fits all? Hmmmm.
Well, there you have it. Just about everything I have in mind just now. And it's time to wake the Trooper from his power nap so we can head out for more fun and adventure. Hope your weekend is filled with the same....tomorrow? Why, the linkys will all be updated. It is my goal.

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