Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Oh, to be able to wax poetic on the subject of food like Ellison or marital aids like V-man...no, my content is always - well, it's not "cherce". This is partly because my past has to be vastly edited to prevent damage to Trooper's rep and partly because I work more than not.

So I try to think of other things to toss in here - instead of music videos - but there is such a...plethora of commentary on current events elsewhere that I don't want to always take that easy route, either. (Fracking hell - I DID want to mention this sale to all the CHL folks, though. The handbags are really nice.)

There is the Zonker method - whereby one posts something damned well interesting then disappear for a month, erase the page entirely and return with something else amazingly deranged and hilarious. But I haven't the mullet for that.

Perhaps I will write about what is on my mind lately and that is Gardening. (Yes, you guys can all move on and look at Grace for awhile.)

See, way back in the pre-Trooper days I had a garden - it was a leased house but it had just about the most perfect format possible. Add in that the septic field had to be completely relaid and the entire back yard was nuked - so I had essentially a blank canvas. I knew I wanted a pond near the highest point and a path meandering down and around to the pool. And I wanted roses. Lots and lots of them. Over the course of 2 years it became the most gorgeous place possible. I even had a spectacular old fashioned glider swing inside an arbor that was covered in roses and surrounded by all manner of flowers.

When I had to leave that place I absolutely wept over it. I was heartbroken. And I haven't really gardened anywhere else since then. Oh, I put in some vegetables here and some potted plants there but...the time has come again to consider that investment of time, money, and sweat. It will be harder, not knowing the area and the common plants. Even the soil is different - vastly so. And I want to do it all in a fell swoop so that the hardest labor is cared for in one horrid weekend, leaving hours in days to follow to plant and mulch. But the bones must be laid out and it is in that process that I find myself now.

And it makes me think - about how I am so much better at this sort of thing than nearly anything else. And most contented.

It's time, I think, to make that promise in plants...after all, a garden is a sort of...acceptance of place. A way of saying "I'll be here awhile..." A setting down of roots...it's time.


Richmond said...

Sounds fabulous!! I can't wait to see. :)

zonker said...

So, you're skilled at something (gardening), you find a great deal of happiness in it and you have the ability to pursue said activity? I'd happily trade my mullet for such good fortune. ;)

LauraB said...

LOL In Texas, "gardeners" come very cheap. Right now, I'd gladly wash and blow dry your mullet to have saved the $$$ to have my HDD salvaged.

The good news is that the data - mostly - was there.