Thursday, September 27, 2007

Does This Vest Make Me Look Fat?

Trooper was the media darling today. His phone rang off the hook as each station in turn wanted their piece of the story.

He's pretty good at it - able to reveal what is proper and making them happy while also remaining professional. I gave him my own criticism - I know he was leaning into the radio to hear the traffic but to a novice it appears to be a slouching walk away.

It makes me so proud of him...that's my man, I say to myself.

Of course, they've had about 8 fatalities in the last week and a half. Not only is there the familial drama and trauma, the emotional impact of dealing with it after the fact, and the ever-present media - no, when it's all over they have to return and take dozens of measurements and draw page after page of accident recreation. And then there are the reports...You and I get a frisson of horror just driving past a tarped scene. Imagine having to live with it day after day, description after description, for a month.

And those images don't just get deleted from their minds when the report is signed off on and filed away.

It's a strange life, living with it and knowing that you will be the one to whom they turn to talk about it, the one to nod and accept that they will need something to distract them from the work for a few hours...

For what its worth, folks...slow down just a little out there. At least leave yourself some emergency maneuvering room, okay? Because even if you wreck at 50 mph and the car stops - you don't. You're going 50 mph, too. Your body wasn't built for it.


Richmond said...

Slowing down as we speak...

LauraB said... has been brisk. One poor fellow - talk about salt in the wound - left the vehicle head first and landed (seriously...) head first in a giant fire ant mound.

Mercifully, he was dead and did not know what had to be a vicious ending...but the poor emergency personnel...

You just don't know what fate has in mind for you. Best to not tempt it.