Sunday, September 02, 2007

Eye of the Beholder

I, like a few others, find nothing of value in most modern art - that is, I see nothing like a masterpiece in the art of Jackson Pollack. But Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema? In his work I see glorious beauty.

The below is a print I have - entitled Spring - and I think it encompasses some of his best skills.
He loved all things Roman and Greek and reproduced a number of historical moments. Too, he was able to render marble and stone in a way that I don't think has been matched since.

I have also adored the Pre-Raphaelites for ages, of course. And it may be that I am simply a Romantic and so prefer such things. But I swear that I cannot believe a word of it when someone waxes poetic over what could be a dropcloth.

I shall leave it to Fred Ross (and here again) as his words, though perhaps lengthy, say exactly what ought to be said. And peruse that hosting site and see what the future of art might hold - something to rival that of Sir Lawrence and the others before him - others that understood the, "...undying need of humanity for well crafted, life affirming fine art, compelling, sincere, with technical excellence and imbued indelibly with humanity, beauty, and truth."

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