Sunday, September 30, 2007

Just the Usual

It's almost time for me to tackle the loading of the OS and Office Pro on the new hard drive of the home machine so I thought I'd take time here first to sort of gird my tech-y loins.

Here is a disturbing story about the CDC finding TX A&M rather lacking in security as it regards their "select agent program". Absolutely appalling.

And here, again courtesy of Noah and Co. is a story of how the Navy is bemoaning the current generation of recruits. The glorious tagline of "narcissistic praise junkies" made me spew coffee. Spot-on, that.

But most importantly, one can now ensure that the dog in your life isn't ridiculed for a silly Superman outfit at Halloween. No, for a bit more than $200, your dog will be ready to fight in this fine rig:

Courtesy of Organic Armor, they've alot more to offer.
Yes, Halloween approaches and I already bought the webs. I cannot WAIT to decorate the new house this year. Lots of kids so we should have a fun time. And I think Trooper may be off that night for a change. Let's see how many charming children I can educate in the proper etiquette of the evening. Each year I have to train a dozen or so. In my full witch rig, they stand before me, sacks held out. "Speak the words!" I command them with a raised brow. And then, laughing, we each do our part. I can't wait. I simply cannot wait.
How about we all don a costume and post photos? Just an idea...

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