Saturday, September 22, 2007

Messin' With Da Law

So it's his "4-day" weekend and, as usual, work still interferes - though, admittedly, by choice. He worked "OT" (it's actually a Federal traffic thing or another) Friday night 6p-6a, woke by noon and is now pulling a part time for a few hours. It's very hard for us because the long weekends are really necessary to recharge not only his own mind and body but our relationship. Still, the money is good and offsets other expenses just now.

I try really hard to not be overly emotional when we make these decisions about the extra work. Logic dictates that the best decision is to have the money. But it sure does make me pouty. The best cure for that is labor. I did what I usually do when it's a nice evening and he's working - I mowed the lawn. This, friends, pisses him off mightily.

See, he takes that duty (and the requisite edging, weed eating and blowing) as his very own - an expression of his rule over his castle. So when I do it he gets all et up. This is my main reason. Ok, two reasons. I need the exercise and it allows us more time to just be together. Otherwise, he'll be out there for three hours. On OUR time. This will leave Sunday just for the rest of our errands and fun. I think it's worthwhile.

However, I think the neighbor kids were laughing as my ass ate my damned shorts over and over.

Little bastards.

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