Friday, September 07, 2007

Sexy Beast

Yeah, he's got it.
This young man has got it all and the only thing that can ruin it is his ego. But I think, really, he has it in check.
He dances like Fred Astaire but with a deeper sense of sensual body awareness. He sings like an angel and has a definite understanding of his vocal strengths. He's got it all.
Just watch that video for My Love.
Tell me if that isn't the sexiest damned thing ever. Not to mention his spot-on dancing at the end.
What really amazes me is that he managed to take the juvenile fame he acheived and parlay it into this fantastic future. That has rarely been the case in his peers. I think he has had good advisors, a sharp eye for good music, and a very skilled approach toward collaboration. Mind you, his choice in girlfriends is mighty suspect. Good Lord, man - can't you find a decent (read non-industry) type?
Well, there's always hope...but I applaud him for managing to take himself forward with grace and style. Keep your nose clean - literally and figuratively, Man. I have a feeling you'll be entertaining us for quite some time.

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