Sunday, September 09, 2007

Waking to Bad News

It's always hard for me the weekends of night shift. I want to spend time with Trooper but he's exhausted and sleeping so I just wait, mostly patiently, for the hours to pass until it is reasonable to wake him. We have a sort of accord - he doesn't sleep through our entire day together and I don't whine too much about the hours that he is asleep.

But this morning, I am more loathe to wake him. Word is that down in Odessa two officers were killed and another injured. I believe they were DPS Troopers but still waiting to get confirmation. Soon, phone calls will be made and information acquired. It's a very small wouldn't think so, seeing a Trooper every few miles in Texas. But in fact there are not that many - not for the size of the state. So they tend to know each other or to at least know someone who knows someone.

So I don't want to wake him yet. Let him rest before the news arrives. Time enough for that...

Update: The victims were not DPS but local officers. Seems it was a 911 hangup call with supposed shots fired in the background. He had a rifle and they had hardly a chance in the world. A sad day...

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