Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Evidence is Lacking

I've been very patiently clicking along, looking for photos of the debauchery near the Chatooga, land of the infamous pig squealing and V-man's favorite song. Sure, sure - a dirndl made an appearance. And a horny Zonker. And the ewe....but...is there no film of the music? Or did they all get so drunk so early that no one was capable?

I so wish we could have been there...not that I'd be terribly talkative. LOL But I like to think Trooper could have managed to get for Denny down the stairs without crippling him further.

So I consoled myself with a trip to the salon. Actually, it's not even. Just the usual hatchet job place but there is a young lady there with great skills with color and cut. I love talking with her - so much enthusiasm for the future...life hasn't beaten it out of her yet. LOL And she gently remarked on the caterpillars that lived over my eyes. Yes, I know...I've neglected them for 3 months, now...so I agreed to the wax, cautioning her that I am NOT a fan of the thin brow - that I have a fat face and need it for balance. She did a good job. And it was much faster than two days of torturous plucking.

Anyway, my hair is smelly but lovely. Poor Trooper - I said the same and he stuck his nose in and sniffed deep - then staggered away and barked. Yup, that'll teach him. (Private joke.)

And now...time for a soak in the tub, I think. Maybe tomorrow the evidence will present itself. I imagine it takes time for the brain cells to rebuild themselves...


Joan of Argghh! said...

I trust you've seen enough to satisfy your curiosity? Erica's pad has some of the best, but GuyK's got lots of incriminating stuff, too.


zonker said...

They should have gone with my idea for getting Denny down the stairs. A water slide would have been much more fun for all involved.

LauraB said...

Zonker, I would have thought you'd McGyver'd a pulley system. LOL Still, the water slide has a lot of bonuses...not least of which is a wet crotch photo of the Grouchy One.