Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween Party

So the powers that be arranged a Halloween party for last Saturday - some Troopers, some not. Well, most not, I guess. But the theme was batted back and forth for a week before it was decided: 2nd Annual Pimp's 'N Ho's Extravaganza.

Once upon a time I would have had a wardrobe utterly suitable for just such an event. However, I was also about 4 sizes smaller. So I tossed aside the patent leather Vollers and went with the more forgiving Wolford. (Not quite that little number but like it...think feather boa neckline.) My favorite if now tatty Racing Stripe stockings made an appearance (they were once very popular at the law firm) as did the corset-heeled shoes, also too tatty for anything but costume-wear, now.

Trooper donned something with a Latin feel, not having a wardrobe wide enough to encompass the theme fully. When we arrived, the home was festive and the other "Ho's" decked out. The always-welcomed Catholic Schoolgirl look was there. And the more friendly "Daisy Duke" look was present. I was more...high priced call girl, I suppose. Which is appropriate since I have about 18 years on those wee things...

But the men...oh, they went all out. It was an incredible array of tasteless artfulness. I cannot begin to tell you. The alcohol flowed (everyone lived a drunken stumble from the location) but we made it an early night - leaving when the tequila shots were broken out.

And the theme song that kept playing in my mind? Scissor Sisters' "Filthy and Gorgeous".

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