Thursday, October 11, 2007

Is It Over Yet?

What a damnably hectic day...started early and kept on till late, I felt like I was being peppered with requests and tasks. And I was. So much that I couldn't get it all logged in to the new POS database AKA Big Brother that I am supposed to be using.

Yes, as if I have time to not only DO the task, I also have to LOG the task in great detail and update it. anyway, much of it wasn't even my guys' stuff which irks me greatly. However! I have finished. For now.

Next? Wrassle with Napster to get my paid for music to show up after loading the new hard drive with what it would give me. Looks like a dozen or so tunes were not being "approved". You know, I really don't mind at all paying for the tracks. I LOVE being able to get so many tunes for so little. I ONLY play legally on that front because I think it's wrong as hell to steal from an artist who is making perhaps 1o cents off the damned thing. But I think that the systems could do a far better job of making it very easy for the music to be YOURS once paid for. Hell, I'd pay extra if they'd do a sort of "backup" for me of all my purchases against future crashes.

In other news...this according to Defense Tech:
"The commander in charge of helping local Iraqis organize and fight al Qaeda and other anti-coalition forces said Wednesday that a raid last month netted a treasure trove of information that could spell the doom of al Qaeda terrorist smuggling operations in Iraq and, potentially, worldwide." Yeah, someone held all the eggs in one basket which means that the acquisition came from a fairly high source. Unless it's disinformation - always possible! But I dunno...I do hope the intel is sharp and valid. Of course, they waited at least a month to tell us which tells me that they either actioned it all very fast or they suspect its BS and are using it for PR. Reasonable.

There is this via the Military Motivator comment:

Gunnery Sgt. Michael Burghardt signals his defiance after being struck by an improvised explosive device on Sept. 19 near Ramadi, Iraq. The Marine refused to be carried away on a stretcher and walked under his own power to a waiting medevac. Among those attending to the Marine are Spc. John Adams (far left in front) and Pfc. Darin Nelson.

Photo by Jeff Bundy

Uh huh. Just so. God, that makes me grin. I am oscillating between hope and utter despair for this country. Just when I am sick to death of the people I deal with, someone like Michael there makes me cinch up my belt and try again.

Alrighty, then. Time to prep the "slicey taters" for dinner. Perhaps tomorrow I shall relate the tale of the Dinner At the Great House On the Hill of last night. Yes, more socializing. No, I don't remember anyone's name.

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