Thursday, October 25, 2007

Making Exercise Tolerable

You know, I cannot think of a single person who truly just loves to sweat to stay in shape. Oh, those young things - they find it all manner of pleasing but when the joints start to age and the flesh hangs heavily? Yeah, not as much fun.

If you are like me, you look for things to reward yourself when you DO work out. And for things that are pretty. Darling Carushka has just that - assuming, of course, you don't have boobs. Ahem. So, I stick to the bottoms. Er...that sounds nasty. I prefer to purchase the pants, personally. (Say that three time fast.)

Thing is - and why it is blogworthy - there is a sale. You get 40% off if you type in HOMEPAGE as a coupon code at checkout.

My other favorite location (though I suspect them of all manner of liberal and vegetarian nonsense) is the ONLY place where you can buy a workout bra that will truly fit. This matters. A LOT. Anyone remember that scene from the movie "Switch" where Ellen Barkin jogs while holding her boobs? Yeah. Ahem. (I just remembered the BEST LINE from that movie - "You know how many animals I had to F**** to get this coat?")

Anyway...can you tell I am back on the wagon? 30 mins cardio and 50 crunches today.

Because I want my ass back, damn it.

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