Saturday, October 06, 2007

Relatively Painless

A long day but we managed to get a great deal done, my new friend and I. She knew of this very interesting little shop and we went there first. Just a shack, it had a lot of crafty items but the thing that got my attention was the pile after pile of glass shards and blocky bits in all the colors you could imagine.

I have a special affection for art glass - well, it starts with my deep appreciation for light and the quality thereof. Add in any reflection or refraction and I am just delighted. So I ran through these giant piles of shiny, glowing bits and picked out what I liked best. I cannot wait to "plant" them in the garden. Just fantastic...

Then we worked our way over to the mall. She's from a small northern town and had never - can you imagine? - never been to Sephora. She restocked on some stuff and got some new goods, too. She is the type that can do makeup really well - I have a staid and set plan and stick to it with only a slight variation or two for evening. So for her it was like a candy store.

She needed jeans, too, and found her favorite shop there. A damned size 8, she was fitting into these tiny pairs and I was trying really hard to not let the inner dialogue start. I look like hell these days and I know it. It's ok. This too shall pass. But I still had to admire her...

That was about it - she tried to talk me into getting this hairpiece from a kiosk. Wired, you can make what appears to be a fantastic "do" with just a moment or two of work. But it isn't was funny - we had to take my hair down to work with it and she just looked twice. Yeah, I know - I look a lot better with it down. But it gets in my face, damn it. Still, my ego was happy to leave it that way and do the constant hair tossing bullshit necessary when it is down. She said I was getting the big ol' checkout from a Suit. Just the boobs. Or maybe my tshirt - it was the Operation Grim shirt from Rangerup. Do get one! Oh - the girls version is here.

Alrighty. Just need to figure out what to do with the rest of my night. Yeah, another part time. PFFT. It's only 8p but I am giving serious consideration to the bed. Well, let's see what else there was...(I've taken to putting links and thoughts into a file for later blogability.)

In re: Israel socking it to the Syrians - how did they get through the radar? Hacked it. God, that makes me grin. According to Defense Tech, "It now appears that Israeli commandos may have been involved as well. What a totally gutsy move. And, if true, it also shows that Israel took the target seriously enough to send in ground forces."

Trust me - the Israelis waited. They made sure. And they took care of business. Admittedly, I have been wondering lately about them - the capitulations of late. But they play a very good game - no fools, they. So, we wait and see. Because this is a very interesting little matter.

And last but not least this - found at Billy's. As he notes, "All fighter pilots worldwide are on notice: you just don't count, now, if it comes to a scratch-up with this thing." And as his brother related, "...watching in the company of tactical aviation combat veterans staring with their jaws hanging open and weeping." You bet. You damned well bet because that is flat out the most amazing flying I have ever seen or even imagined. If you don't know jets - if you don't know flight dynamics - you won't appreciate what you are seeing there. And what you are NOT seeing. Ahem. Yeah - that was for show. The real magic comes with no witnesses. Hot damn...amazing...

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