Friday, November 23, 2007

Recap of the Carnage

Appropriately, I can hear Ranger chowing down on his pig ear in the other room, laying on his bed and taking it easy - finally. He is like a small horse and he gallops through the house. Thus far, the cats have made rather brave appearances and Ranger took one good swipe to the nose which taught him that cats may look nice and softy but they pack a whallop.

The sound he is making is not far off from those of yesterday when we hosted my sister, my father and Trooper's cohort and his wife. She brought the most fantastic corn pudding - amazing stuff. My sister kindly brought chips for snacking and the paper goods - no dishes to wash as there were a generous plenty from the meal itself. I made my life simple with the use of the Williams-Sonoma Turkey Base for the gravy. It worked WONDERFULLY. Their Turkey Herbs were also very nice. Glad we made the trek to the mall for that!

We're casual types so it was a haphazard buffet line sort of affair. I'd prepared much of it the night before in order to avoid the "I need three ovens all at different temperatures!" situation. Pies, done. Sweet tater souffle, done. Scalloped taters, done. No, not alot of vegetables made an appearance, to be honest. It is a holiday meal intended for horrid starch filled bellies.

I was surprised to see the line at the Honey Baked Hams shop - it was my first time getting the ham so I had no idea. I thought I was being smart for pre-ordering and such. Well, they were so proficient that the long line hardly took 20 minutes to get through. My heirloom turkey - just beautiful! - was a bit expensive but so tasty!! I tried the old "start it on its breast" cookery but I suspect the delicate beasty would have done better on its back. My dressing/stuffing (yes, I offer both) was very close to mom's but...not quite right. I should have paid more attention...

My father was kind enough to get a Goode's BBQ pecan pie for us - those things are FANTASTIC. He said they had a gauntlet for pie acquisition in the parking lot. And a birthday cake for Dad. Yay! Another year this side of the sod! He was hilarious! A natural entertainer, he went to town. Of course, he indulged which is why we had Trooper drive to Houston and back with him - I wanted Dad to be able to enjoy his birthday without the worry of his driving back.

Anyway, we ate like kings, and then we all had to leave - our friends for their respective jobs (Troopers and Nurses tend to the same holiday sacrifices) and hied ourselves with Dad to Houston to meet our friends from up north. Ah...and I'd nearly forgotten...
As we were leaving, we happened to take another circular route out of the subdivision. It was fortuitous - Trooper immediately saw the little girl, walking in the street and then back on the sidewalk as we drove near. Then the mass of tears flowing could be seen and he halted the car and leapt out. Seems the little thing had gotten lost. She had no idea of her address, had nothing like the proper clothes for the weather on, and was half frozen. She knew she was 4 years old. We called the local officers who arrived quickly and they took charge of her. We understand her father was located and she was delivered to him but not much more than that. Still, I suppose he has something to be thankful for. It was a sad accent on the day...
We dropped Dad off and then headed out with our friends to a local IHOP for a lot of coffee and a wee bit of breakfast. Talked long and long and made plans to visit them in the post-Xmas timeframe. We do so love their small town...just across the water from Martha's Vineyard, it is insanely quaint. And we are able to squat in his parents' house across the street. LOL They spend the winter in FLA so we just have to schedule our visits accordingly and have free reign. It's hilarious. What I like best is they are friends that you can visit once a year and feel as though no time has passed. You don't have to call all the time or even email each other. It's just a comfortable "you know we love you" feeling that - well, I don't really know how to express it. It is a sense of timelessness.
So that was it. Now, Ranger is sleeping off his early morning romp with me (Trooper had to sleep in a little before shift) and his frenetic play time. Soon, it'll be time to walk again and maybe some play in the backyard. I can't wait to have him well enough in hand to visit the dog parks. Right now, he's trying to feel me out for dominance. I've had to pin his head down twice when he has gotten too rough. It gets the point across immediately and he turns the attitude around completely. We'll have that dance a few times, I know, before he stops trying. I don't mind. He's worth the trouble.
I hope your own holiday was just as enjoyable and without familial I took that pre-meal calming shower, I had a chat with mommer - how much I missed her and could have used her for the stuffing affirmation...the tulips I bought in her honor are blooming magnificently. Sure wish she could have been here...
As for the post-holiday shopping? You won't catch me anywhere near it. LOL MAYBE the PetSmart later for a 2nd bed and more pig ears...but that's it. I leave the battle to the rest of you. Now, I think a nice nap is in order.

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