Saturday, December 29, 2007

Armchair Dreaming

It was a good day - Ranger met Ziggy at the park and had a really good time being a dog among other dogs. It does take him time to warm up to them but it was a nice, relaxed crowd this time.

I've been doing a lot of surfing lately, looking for places to go. May be a month or two before we can but surely we'll fit in some real time away...I hope to find a driving option so that Ranger can come along - unless the dream of his taking time in a training facility comes along at the same time...

I was thinking of Targhee because it offers a bit more than just skiing. But it being near Jackson Hole = $$$$. And no cheap Southwest flights, either...and too far to drive. This place is near there but more reasonable, I think.

I'd love to head to Boulder (neato webcam here) or maybe just stay near Estes and hike around RMNP as I once did with much pleasure. This place offers a bit of everything at a reasonable price and I really like their dog friendly attitude as well as the wide open outdoors for hiking and star gazing. Can you imagine the sky there?!

And of course there is the pinnacle of snow playground:
Click the wee cams to see the live shots. Someday, perhaps...

For now, we'll find a place - even if it's just Alpine.

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