Friday, December 21, 2007

Calendar Daze

A long while ago I was freshly single and took a year off to recover. (Retirement? P'shaw. That small 401k fund was the best money ever spent. Seriously.) During that time I was very introspective. I wrote a lot. I developed my own B&W photos. I saw movies in the middle of the day in a very quiet, empty theatre. I hiked in the woods for miles and I swam silent laps in the backyard pool. It was a sort of...very long vacation. Mind you, I also lost about 40 lbs. Glorious...

At any rate, I came upon this gal and her incredible calendar information. The thoughts...the manner of considering time as seasons rather than hours, days and weeks...I took it very much to heart. And the folklore. When I was quite young we lived by the Atlantic and I knew the tides and the moon as it sliced and filled. So I returned again to the tides of life. It was still wintry but moving into spring when it all began. I watched my beloved garden bloom again. And in fall, the beautiful rushing gold and crimson leaves as I drove the familiar route to town - the glorious bit between the Atlanta Science Museum and Highland Ave.

Those senses were muffled again, though. Dulled over time as I returned to work and then rushed around, letting years pass before looking around me in surprise. I hadn't really noticed until we finally settled here. Not until the last few months have I really seen that it has been non-stop work, eat, sleep with hardly a moment to just Be.

The calendar reminded me...and the words here. Years gone...people born and dead...the same trees letting go the same leaves and bearing new ones again and wondering at our poor, brief selves.

I think it's time to slow down. To see the world nearby and not so. To feel the seasons change and know that time is moving and me with it. And that soon I shall not be able to do what I'd like within it. Just as it is time to slow down it is also time to get started - to care for those matters that need attention. To see the places I've so desired. To read the books and cook the food I crave.

The calendar pages will blow in the wind of time and one can either look away or seize it as a sign. Stop wasting it. Do. DO! Just DO already and quit wondering about When.

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Joan of Argghh! said...

Duly noted.

I shall linger a while longer
in Autumn... a bold palette.