Friday, December 14, 2007

Carry On

As you were...

Hard to do that, really, but we're trying. Gifts to buy, decorating to do, baking to finish...but you still have that pause. Trooper isn't sleeping very well yet but that's to be expected. He's working through his experience as he has in the past though this time there was a difference...

Meanwhile, I try to do what I can. Mostly it's keep that damned dog from destroying my things. Look, I wanted a tree. I wanted a tree because last year there wasn't even eggnog around. I've been so consumed that I haven't even finished decorating it and here is why I am glad.

He appears to have an aversion to garland. What was amazing is that each piece was almost the same size. Purposefully nipped so that it wouldn't even be useful for present decorating.
What can you do? I turned my back for 5 minutes.
Of course, his fahtha declares that he was merely being a puppy.
Yeah...well...PFFFT! I am just glad no ornaments were within reach. Lesson learned.
Anyway, I popped in because I thought this bit by Billy very good and something to keep in mind.
Alright - off, now, to spend some money on foolishness while Cerberus sleeps.
Thanks, all, for the prayers and emails - we did not know how many friends we had...his Sgt even said so - calls coming in from as far as El Paso from senior staff inquiring as to his condition.
Blessed, indeed.


Billy Beck said...

Just from here in the cheap-seats, I think that's hilarious.

Merry Christmas, Kiddo.

LauraB said...

Very funny, yes...of course, I worry someday it might be bits of cat tail on the floor...

Merry Christmas!!