Sunday, December 30, 2007

Interesting Pixels

As found via Joan and one wonders why not before now due to interests. Still, this snagged the brain matter and forced the addition to the roll and my morning run through.
"There was a lovely young lady there as well, alongside of us. With a pert
brown pony tail, Kevlar vest, fast draw holster and speed loading rig. The
handcuff holder at her six o’clock assured me that she was a law enforcement
agent. Or else the kinkiest woman I’d ever laid eyes on. Either one. Or

And at the end of the day, does it really matter?"

Indeed, Sir.

And just prior...
"Sometimes this all takes on the air of a Shakespearian tragedy. With

Yes. Heh...quite.

In a similar vein, I entertained myself with a showing of Casino Royale this evening. What an insanely sexy fellow what with all that angst and sociopathic lust. And let's not forget the hard body.

In other news...I may be ensuring my "assets" are memorialized. I've an appointment in a week to see if I can talk my insurance company into lopping off the useless flesh. Lord knows I've cost them very little in comparison to some. Seriously, I never see a doctor. Never get a script. Ungodly healthy until recently...and if they will allow this - well, I shall ask them for little more, I think.

But it does mean a self-portrait will be in order. Some Velvia might suit. But perhaps a roll of Neopan, too, for some B&W's...and of course, I am a fan of slide lovely...

I used to have a friend [very much NSFW and not for those with delicate sensibilities] who firmly stated that a good digital is just as good and perhaps better than old film work but I don't know that I agree. His work is a mix, of course, of both. Hell, it's a mix of sane and not, I suppose. But I like some of it. We are in disagreement just now. It may resolve someday or it may not. Still, I respect his skill, love the piece I have, and what he did to one of my own shots.

So maybe I'll think about investing some cash in a really nice digital rig. But I have to say - I just love my wee SLR. I love the click of the lenses as they attach, that slick shift as the shutter'd be hard to let that go.

And now I have to decide - go in to the office tomorrow or stay home for one more day. I am pretty sure it'll be the latter. Especially at this late hour. I can start fresh in the new year...a new year and a new picture...

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