Friday, December 07, 2007

Other Spawn and Dreams of Woe

I had an utter failure of a dog walk earlier this evening so Ranger and I made another go of it. Earlier, a cul de sac was full of obnoxious kids which got him entirely out of hand. Just now, a pack of wild teens walked by - I purposefully halted our progress to let them pass as he was reticent to have them at our backs no matter how many corrections I gave.

As they passed, rude comments about what would happen if he attacked were exchanged between the, obviously, frightened boys, their bravado for the women entirely lacking. Gentlemen would stop and greet the dog, make the women there feel more secure, perhaps ensuring a later improvement in romance. I suppose I am old-fashioned and the girls surrender all without chivalry being proffered as currency.

At any rate, we bidded our time only to find the pack having settled near the house. Ranger was none too pleased and made casual water as comment. I suspect Trooper will have had the locals make a slow drive through just to disperse them to their rightful homes or at least inside and off the street. At least when I was a punk, we kept it quiet and shadowy...sigh...the good ol' days.

I am truly exhausted tonight -the last few weeks have brought a few bad dreams but all with a similar theme - dark voiced pronouncements. Sometimes from my own lips. To one thundering query of "What was the name of Mary's rose?" came my own rising from a bed, thrusting someone else to the ground and saying in a horrid voice, "The Sinners Rose". I said it so loud that I woke myself. Of course, I looked and discovered this interesting tidbit. I did not know I knew that. I don't think I did though it is possible I read it in the past.

Last night I dreamt of a map - old and soiled and somewhat puritan in nature - that same sort of scrawling ink...and a house in a town - tall gabled roof - and a warning that it was the most haunted place around. I entered - again, with someone - and instantly I could feel the clamoring of souls against the roof, battering to escape. Flying through and around...I know I said something immediately - This Has Been - this has always been - or something to that effect and again woke myself with my own fervor.

And I would not give it as much thought except that twice today the Morrigan flew near...this evening, she perched, even, on the roof rack of my truck as I left the office. I threw a bit of biscotti to the ground in the hope of pleasing it/Her...but it gave me a chill, I'll admit.

One wonders about this world and just how many strange coincidences there are. We go about thinking that it's all just so random and chaotic - and it is - but I believe there are patterns in that chaos. Look at the galaxies - you would think all that spinning and blowing up would create vastly different forms. But in the end they are all the same - light and then clouds and stars twinkling only to move apart and apart to make room for another expansion...

Have you ever seen Joseph Campbell's The Power of Myth? Oh, if not you MUST. MUST. What this man had forgotten we could have supped on for decades. Anyway, it's late and I am sleepy and Ranger is ready for his kennel, too. Though, in truth, I may just leave him free till his father gets home. Perhaps he can fend off the dreams a while.

Here's to your own dreams being sweet...


Joan of Argghh! said...

I had the sweetest dream the other night in the middle of so many stressful days at work. It stays with me, and haunts my waking thoughts.

I dreamed I was sitting next to someone like, oh, Toby Keith. Why? I don't know. I remember seeing him on some video trailer for Comedy Central. Besides, he has a cute smile. So. We were seated at some place like a school cafeteria.

He was showing me some wallet photos, and to my surprise, I was in each of them, although I didn't know him or remember him, but apparently I was there, in his past. He was trying to show me pics of his life, but each one ended up including me, as a kid, or young girl, or a really little kid.

I looked at him and said, "isn't it time we stopped pretending?" At that moment,the full impact of my statement settled, and as often happens in dreams, TK somehow turned into a childhood sweetheart of mine, long, long ago in my past. I had never even kissed him, so young and scared I was! But we really were best pals until we hit junior high.

The overwhelming feeling of being found, at last, but also being long-treasured was indescribably wonderful.

I take such dreams to be a healing. They are few and far between, but something in them calls out to me, and loves me, and knows me better than any other. On those nights, I prefer to think that I am in a reality and my waking world is but a sleep, a dream...

zonker said...

I dream a lot, too. As far as I can tell, I often dream all night long. The really odd thing is how I can wake up in the middle of a dream, shake my head as I recall it, then promptly fall asleep again...only to find myself in the same dream as before. Except the same amount of time has passed as during my brief period of wakefulness. As I said, it's odd.