Sunday, December 02, 2007

Seriously, Enough Already

Enough. Of everything.

Enough of that damned dog becoming Satan's spawn as soon as Trooper goes to work.
Enough of getting the majority of the dog duties - and doodies.
Enough of shoe snatching, leash pulling, running pell mell away.
Enough of the potato stealing from the pantry.

Yeah, that's just the dog.

And then there is enough already with the freaking Christmas lights, people! What ever happened to a tasteful gleam from the shrubberies and perhaps a nice garland around a pillar with a red bow?

Enough with my eyeglasses that no longer seem to work for my eyes.
Enough with the twisted seatbelts not only in my truck but in the passenger side of his, too.
Enough with the laundry, the dishes, the animal feeding, the animal food hiding.
And enough of this finger that just seems to want to get worse and worse.

Enough of the hands that won't let me sew on a button without going numb first.
Enough of the whatever it is on my face that itches and stays red all the time.
Enough of my body starting to really fail me in bits and pieces.
Enough of the sleep loss that has me heartbroken because a goddamned dog won't respect mah authoritay.

I need a vacation, people. An honest go away and not be with family or friends just fucking away already vacation. It's been a long time since I've done that. Telling you, Trooper. Get that spawn into a proper training facility and hie my ass to somewhere or you're gonna have to learn where the dishwasher soap nuggets are kept.

Now, I think I'll make some hot chocolate - the real thing - and lay on the grass out back and try to see the stars with these shitty useless eyeglasses that cost too much to already be outta whack. Man, it's a good thing he's on shift...I am seriously not fit for man nor beast, it would appear.


Joan of Argghh! said...

Damn, if you don't sound like my kind of new best friend! LOL! I soooo get that whole vacay thing.

LauraB said...

LOL Why, thankee. Of course, I suppose you might have posted that from your laptop whilst lounging poolside with a frosty beverage...

Not that I'm judging!

Man, I cannot wait to just do SOMETHING. I think it'll be Alpine, TX to see Ranger Jackson. He was our inspiration for this madness...

And I can finally prove that Trooper that west TX is nothing but dirt with a pretty sunset. LOL