Friday, December 28, 2007

The Slathering Beasty

The crazed, fanged, furred fool continues to challenge my nerves and patience. Another growth spurt had him sleeping a lot the last few days. The creature is gigantic. Seriously. And his fur is getting darker all the time - the gentle fawn shade becoming more tipped in black.

We've been putting wee sacks of flour in his backpack so that he comes home from a walk tired. He'd been getting quite accustomed to the exertion. I worry for his hips and his rapid growth so not too much jumping yet and the backpack won't weigh much for a bit. But I can easily see him carrying a fair amount while backpacking in the future.
In other post-holiday news...I'm about sick and tired of the cleaning. Dishes never quite done, laundry waiting for attention, cat boxes and bathrooms all yearning to be free - of filth. And I am seriously not the best hausfrau.
I miss the old days when I had time to do what I liked. You have to PLAN around the dog because if left in the yard he will dig from boredom and frustration. I cannot blame him - he is hyper-intelligent and needs constant challenge to stay out of trouble. But a part of me wishes he would just calm down already. I know - I've about 3 years before that happens.
Trooper is back to work after a long few days off together which means I am in the throes of night shift pouting. I wish I could just climb in bed and read magazines but the dog won't have it. Instead, I'm about to wake him and load up the backpack for a chilly trip out and about. People ask if he is in training and we nod - easier and, frankly, I don't mind their thinking same.
If only he was the kind to sit beside you in the chair and quietly watch a movie. I suppose that's nice but doesn't take care of the intruder, does it? The beasty could take a limb off, I think. Over 40 lbs already and not even halfway grown. The vet trip next week will give us a more accurate rendering of his true age and genetics but for now...for now I try and remind myself that he is my protector and not just my tormentor.
Doesn't always work.

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