Friday, January 11, 2008

About The House was a relatively quiet day as I worked from home and performed doggy daycare duties. I don't feel right crating him all day so if our schedules don't work out, I try to be home.

Of course, he tormented me and the cats all day long. Why do you ask? But he did get a very necessary bath. He's good about it - doesn't mind at all - but could be a bit more still. Likes to chew the water as though he was in Bull Creek again.

Poor Jonesy was chased around all day. This appears to be a knighting ceremony but was actually an "encounter".

Jonesy isn't afraid of him, really, except that he tries to play with her as though she were a large dog. Poor thing - she is so good natured about it.

Acquired some lovely rib eyes from the local BBQ/butcher shop and have them salted and awaiting the grill. Some "slicey taters" and asparagus are waiting as are his favorite broiled tomatoes w/ Parm. Which reminds me to get the Parm ready. And then some homemade blackberry cobbler for dessert. It's his long weekend so we try to make it a bit special.

Otherwise, not that much going on...looking for some property and trying to plan the weekend. I happen to be hoping the dog care shifts a bit to the Lord and Master so that I can chill out.

So what's on your menu?

P.S. Dear God, ignore the mess in the photo...cats = crappy furniture or covered furniture...and Me = terrible housekeeping. Oh, the shame...

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