Monday, January 14, 2008


I have a theory on the latest kerfuffle betwixt Hildebeast and Obamarama. They will throw punches at each other over and over. This "racial strife" just another bit of shadow puppetry. Because in a few months they will "mend fences" and "find a way to communicate" and "all just get along". So that they can share a ticket and win.

My suspicions have always been that they've planned this all along - every "misstep" and argument, every debate and interview. Even those alligator tears. It isn't even important to them who gets top billing. Just as long as they're in the place of power.

Of course, I believe the entire mess of the electoral process is flawed, fixed, faked and foolish. You see it in microcosm in your local podunk affairs - Joe Bob had inmates making BBQ's. But they were some damned nice BBQ's, damn it! Pfft. It's squalor and a stench that is almost never swept clear and never a breeze blows through the miasma. So...take care of your own. That's my advice.

Prepare for and be ready to hold what you've got against the coming storm. There's no ark to hold you, no flights out. I could be wrong but...I seriously do not think so.

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