Sunday, January 27, 2008


Aw, damn it. I wanted this thing so much!
Look - someone had a bunch of her friends each draw, etch, and otherwise decorate a wooden fan. The work is incredible - each slat glorius on its own.
I bid as high as was reasonable for a mere decorative object. We agreed that we could at least spend as much as we did on his Roman artifact. In the end, my generous bid was knocked out by someone willing to spend twice as much. I shall remember this item as the "one that got away". It's insanely lovely, romantic, and sweet. I do hope the winner appreciates it and doesn't merely consider it a trinket.
But I am about to receive a few interesting items - Ebay is all about the hunt, after all. For me, Shelley China (Ludlow shaped Rose Pansey Forget-me-not pattern) is prime. 1940's hankies are choice, and Wolford hosiery a staple.
But that fan? Once in a lifetime, folks. So long, fancy.

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